Dreaming of walking in the moonlight, if your footsteps are eastward, then it means that your luck will improve, if your footsteps are westward, then the situation may be worse than it is now.

Dreaming of moonlight coming in through the window indicates that there will be new developments in love. If you have no friends of the opposite sex, you will have feelings with those around you. Think about it for yourself.

Dreaming of a moonlit night is a symbol of happiness.

A married woman dreams of a moonless night and wants to love her husband, but she can't do her best.

An unmarried man dreams of a moonlit night, it is auspicious.

To dream that the night will pass quickly, will be strong and refreshed.

The patient dreamed that the night would soon end, and soon he would recover.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

The moonlight in the dream is scattered, the main yin matters are scattered, and the yin people leave. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengyue illuminates the body, mainly produces phoenixes, rides on dragons, promotes officials, and relocates. Menglin Xuanjie