Dreaming of walking in the moonlight, if your steps are going east, it means luck will be better, if your steps are going west, the situation may be worse than now.

Dreaming that the moonlight shines through the window means that there will be new developments in love. If there are no friends of the opposite sex, they will have affection with the people around them. Think about it yourself.

A dream that moonlight night, it is happy symbol.

The married woman dreamed of a moonless night and wanted to love her husband but couldn't help it.

Unmarried men dream moonlight night, it is auspicious.

Dream night passed quickly, we will be strong and healthy, refreshed.

Patient dreamed the night was soon over, and soon the disease experience of rehabilitation.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

The dream was scattered, the master's affair was scattered, and the wicked man was away. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue shines on the body, mainly producing phoenixes, riding dragons, being promoted, and moving to another position; Mysterious Dreams