The thunder, majesty and frightening, sometimes symbolizes the voice of a father or other authority figure in a dream. Dreaming of thunder may be that in your recent actions or ideological activities, you feel that you have violated your father's point of view or authority, or challenged traditional ideas, so you are panic and full of fear. You will suffer a period of mental torture for this, although in fact you are not necessarily wrong. The fear of thunder in your dreams is actually your subconscious fear of reality or of the notion of authority that is not easy to change. Dreaming of thunder means that when you face it, at the moment, you feel a little fragile, even discouraged. Maybe keep on, you will get unexpected success.

If you dream of a thunder, it implies that you may be suddenly hit. Be prepared to bear it.

The thunder in the dream is very sharp and loud, indicating that the troublesome troubles that worry you will soon be resolved satisfactorily.

The thunder and thunder in the dream are small, or the thunder is continuous, which means that there are friends around you who have been falsifying and insincere about you. You may already feel that a friend around you is cheating on you, but your reason is unwilling to admit it. Dreaming this is your subconscious reminding you that the doubts in your heart are not without foundation.

Dreaming of thunder, I remind you to watch out for heart diseases. If you feel chest discomfort, go to the hospital in time.

When you dream of going out, it will be thunderous on a sunny day, reminding you that if you want to improve in the current situation, it is really difficult.

A married woman dreams of a thunderstorm, indicating that you are worried about your husband, and you will inevitably care more about your husband in life.

Unmarried sister-in-law dreams of heavy rain and thunder, indicating that your marriage may catch you off guard, and you will marry a prestigious person.

The businessman dreamed that the rain was pouring down and the thunder was bursting, indicating that you will be rich, and you will have a big income. Patients have such dreams, which indicates that it is not far from physical recovery.

The prisoner dreamed of thunder and thunder, heralding his release soon.

Dreaming of hiding in Tibet in a thunderstorm in the Middle East reminds you to pay attention to health, and physical problems may occur. If you are an athlete, be more careful to avoid injuries or accidents during the exercise.

Dreaming of a lightning strike on a tree heralds an emotional opportunity. A swift love is coming, and it will make you feel better or hopeful. If in a dream, lightning strikes a tree and causes it to break and burn, then the coming love will be lightning-like, full of passion, and longing.

The blackout in the dream due to thunderstorms is a symptom of the beginning of transshipment. Even if you have had a lot of worries and anxieties, they will be solved unexpectedly and smoothly.

Dreaming of constant thunder and sparks flashing, indicating that your admiral will have some twists and turns. You may be constantly arguing about small things, but it will not cause a complete breakdown.

Dreaming of lightning hitting the house, what you have been looking forward to, may fail and make you very disappointed. Still don't expect too much, let it go without being over anxious.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of thunder, the stock of Home Appliances began to fall, and then spread to various stocks.

Dreaming of thunderstorms, the stock you are involved in will fall. However, the dream that the house was burned by a thunderstorm meant that it would rise again after a slump.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Lei Cong earthquake , Zhu Zhisui. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream was beaten by thunder, Daji. This dreamer has the power of heaven to have virtue, but integrity is rewarded. Otherwise, it is also a shame, and you cannot be greedy. The gentleman wins, the Lord and the noble help. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Dalei, Ji. Lei has a voice, and his reputation has also passed. The owner of fame and fortune, reputation and prosperity. Mysterious Dreams

He listened to thunder in a dream, and the Lord had amazing news. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of those who fell into the thunder, they traveled anxiously and became sick. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of hearing thunder and shock, rich and far away. "Shuanghuang Dream Book"

Dreaming of thunder, worrying about migration. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreams thunder and thunder. Erotic ears, pass by name; conceal ears, pass by name. Dreaming in the spring and summer, the Lord is timid; when dreaming in the autumn and winter, the Lord is insulting. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Lei started from the ground, Da Ji. Conducive to the examination , will be in the list. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Lei hit. Relatives push this, and those who have died of Meng Leizhen must have meditation and help. Mengjun was thundered by Lei Zhen, or by Long De, or has been promoted every year, otherwise it will also be a sign of foreign invasion and border fortification. Meng Chen was thundered by the thunder, the Lord gave Zeng Lu, favored and stayed; those who did not perform well in morality would have sinful sin. His father and son were struck by lightning and became ill. If they were in the throne, they would receive the grace of heaven. Mengfu was struck by thunder, sealed his wife Yinzi, and horned his head. Ordinary people make a profit, and the hidden master dies. Mengfu Lei Zhen, the main prostitute who is a virtuous son; who does not respect her aunt, the main god sent her to the sick, and regretted Naji. The dream child Lei Zhen, the son of the public secretary, the daughter of concubine entertainment; if the parents are unethical, it is advisable to relieve concubine. The Dream Brothers were struck by lightning, and the flesh was scattered. Literati is also great. The dream friend was struck by lightning, and the master and his friend achieved their fame; or the friend had evil, and the sign of nature. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Lei hit a wooden fold, fierce, and the master lost his mouth. Dreaming of a young man, bereavement of his parents; dreaming of an old man, death of the eldest son; Mysterious Dreams

Menglei rises from Longmen, Daji. The Lord ascended the throne, and was so precious. Woman dreams, marry your husband, give birth

Son; the dream of scholars, the Lord's name must be the world. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Lei from all directions, Daji. The host broadcasts Quartet. It is easy to trade with Jiaxing. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Lei burns and muster, Daji. The Lord relieves anxiety, fame and wealth, gains wealth, travels with noble people, the disease is scattered, and the tongue disappears. Mysterious Dreams

The palace of Meng Leizhen, the master of the industry. Mysterious Dreams

Being thundered, the Lord is rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dream of thunder and lightning, indicating that misfortune will happen.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of thunder constantly, there will be an unexpected income. Dreaming about hiding in Tibet in the Middle East of thunder and lightning, there may be health problems, slight negligence, and may cause great pain. Dream of thunder and lightning hitting trees, you may get sick. Pay attention to the small signs of your body. Dreaming of power outages due to thunder, luck will improve. Even if there are many worries and concerns, they will be resolved soon. Dreaming of thunder and lightning constantly, love will have twists and turns, it is easy to argue for small things, but it will not lead to complete breakdown. Dreaming of lightning hitting the house, the expected things are likely to fail, there may be many unpleasant things. Dream of thunder roaring, career will be successful. A married woman dreams of a thunderous thunder and will love her husband more. Unmarried women dream of thunder and roar, and will marry a famous person. A businessman dreams of thunder and will make a fortune. The patient dreamed that the thunder roared and the body would recover quickly.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: I am a timid person from childhood, and I am afraid of more things. Of the many things I am afraid of, I am most afraid of thunder. ―When I heard thunder, I quickly hid in the room and covered my ears. The most terrible thing was that I dreamed that Thunder was so big that it scared me to death. (Female, 21 years old)

Dreamland analysis: A thunderous dream is a symbol of suffering. Dreaming of thunder shows that your heart is full of fear. If you dream of thunder, it means that you will be suffering mentally in the near future. The fear of Ray in a dream is the fear of reality. At this time, you are more fragile, and in the face of chaos, you have a feeling of laziness.

However, if there are continuous thunder in the dream, it indicates that there are villains among your friends. Therefore, you should be cautious when handling things, and you must step up defenses for villains.

In addition, although the thunder sounds indicate that you are in trouble, the crisp and loud thunder sounds indicate that you are using your wisdom to solve the problem you are facing, so the problem is solved.