Dreaming of horses biting people, good luck, is a sign of being an official or being promoted.

The staff dreamed of a horse biting, indicating that they would be promoted.

Businessmen dream of horses biting people, indicating that business will expand.

Dreaming of a horse running towards himself symbolizes the success of the dreamer's career.

Dreaming of horse riding means that the dreamer will gain both fame and fortune.

Dreaming of falling from the horse immediately meant that the dreamer would be ruined.

Dreaming of the horse following behind him, the dreamer will get more honorary titles.

The unmarried person dreams of buying a horse, which means that the dreamer will soon.

Dreaming of dressing a horse means that the dreamer will have a special position.

Dreaming of a horse rider or horse dying implies that the dreamer is not working well, and the worst is probably to be fired soon.

Dreaming of the horse leaving itself meant that the dreamer squandered the property left over from his ancestors.

Dreaming of a horse draped over the body suggests that the dreamer will be well fed.

Dreaming of the horse and foal walking towards themselves, suggesting that the dreamer can get rich.

Dreaming of unmanned horses immediately behind him, suggesting that dreamers will soon be awarded honorary titles.

Dreaming of riding a horse suggests that the unlucky thing of the dreamer is coming.

Dreaming that there are many horses means that the dreamer will become a millionaire.

Dreaming of Ma Biaozi, implying that the dreamer would be unhappy when he was unfortunate.

The young man dreamed and rode on horses, suggesting that the dreamer would soon form a trance.

The dream of recovering from a long illness shows that horse riders are a sign that the dreamer will soon be physically strong.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Bitten by a horse, there is Lu. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"