To dream of being hidden by someone is a bad omen.

Dreaming of hiding in a well means that you may be involved in the lawsuit. Although you have not committed any serious crimes, you can't get rid of the relationship and will be implicated.

Dreaming that you are hiding, hiding under the bed or in the corner, implies that you may be making a decision that you know you will regret in the future.

To dream of hiding things in your dreams means that you are evasive on some issues, hesitate in your heart, and are unwilling to directly reveal your true views.

Dreaming of finding something hidden means that there will be surprises waiting for you.

If a young woman dreams of hiding things, it indicates many rumors against her, but in the end she will gradually prove that there is nothing wrong with her behavior.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Being termed by others is fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

In the termzo, torture matters. Dreamsmeaning Book