Dreaming of debt collection, from the Dreamsmeaning Book , is a bad omen. Remember to be careful not to offend people.

Dreaming that someone collects or collects debts from oneself implies that there may be a lot of expenses and you will fall into an economic crisis.

To dream of collecting debts from others indicates that you may conflict with others.

A case study of dreaming about debt collection

Dream description: Xiaowu, who is doing business in partnership with a friend, dreamed of a junior high school friend who had a bit of a rogue personality at night, who didn't have much contact with him now. In his dream, he seemed to have some difficulties and needed huge funds. Xiaowu happened to have a very valuable ring, so he lent it to him and redeem it later. After giving it to him, that person stopped paying the money. Then, no matter how Xiaowu collects the debt, this friend is trying his best to hide in his dream. Xiaowu woke up depressed.

Dream analysis: This dream is a mixture of good and bad omen. According to the dreamer's dream, the relationship between friends and dreamer will get better and better. Dreamers should never borrow money from others in the near future, otherwise it will be bad. And the dreamer will lose money, so recently you must guard against people like thieves. Business may be better these days, but you have to be careful in everything.