Dreaming that you are naked, you will win the lawsuit.

  Newcomers in the workplace dream of being alone in their jobs and being relatively independent at work, with low willingness to cooperate. Emotionally sensitive, can quickly identify opportunities, but also easily create barriers with colleagues.

  Business people dream of their own money, their fortunes have fallen slightly, and their income has improved, but they may have to spend more on their families or take on household debt.

  Unmarried men and women dream of being naked, love fortune, and patience succeed.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: The nude in your dreams actually reflects your own image. He wants to get rid of the cover so that he can show his true side to others. The meaning of dreaming about being naked on the street is related to whether you want to be seen by others. If so, explain what he wants to show others. If he dreams that he is running alone, it means that he just wants to vent his feelings.

  Psychoanalysis: Nude symbolizes innocence or purity. If you are open-minded and worry-free, you won't mind being "naked" in public. If you dream about your nudity appearing in a spiritual situation, it means that you are worried about being misunderstood by others. Although you feel you are open-minded, you may not think so.

  Spiritual Symbol: Nude represents a new beginning or rebirth, and it symbolizes the innocence of people's natural nature.

  Case study of dreaming about being naked

  Dream description: In the dream, I was waiting at the train station naked, everyone around me was watching me, and the people who were waiting were not coming. I was anxious and uncomfortable. I wanted to hide somewhere. People came and couldn't be found. I can't remember who I'm waiting for, it's very important anyway. (Female, 19 years old)

  Dream analysis: In the subconscious you have a strong desire to communicate with the opposite sex, and even a strong desire to be a central character, but at the same time you are afraid of interaction, fear that others will look down on you, and you will criticize yourself, reflected in psychological activities It is that in a crowded place (train station), a mode that makes you stressed (trees) and a reason imposed on yourself (for waiting for an important person) becomes the central model, mixed with preparation, Awkward, overwhelmed, anxious, nervous and other complex mental states.