Dreaming that you are being ordered by someone means that in real life, your boss's rebuke to you makes you despised by your colleagues, so you seem to suffer setbacks in whatever you do.

To dream of giving orders to others indicates that a certain honor will come to you. But if you feel very arrogant and look like a tyrant in your dream, it implies that something unsatisfactory will follow.

Dreaming of a piece of order asking you to contribute money and effort means that you are in a dilemma in real life. If you can persist to the end, you can maintain it in the end. If you think the order in the dream is unreasonable and unfair, it means you may Will take the lead in your industry.

Dreaming that your lover commanded you unceremoniously means that he may be very caring for you in real life and can always cater to your wishes.

Orders often refer to the requirements of a person with a higher power in a certain area for a lower person, which cannot be disobeyed. Command in the dream represents a kind of spur, but also a kind of pressure.

To dream of receiving an order from your boss indicates that you may blindly follow the other person because you believe in others, and you will suffer losses as a result.

Dreaming that you have an order to contribute your own money and effort indicates that you will be in a dilemma in your life. Maybe I can barely maintain it by sticking to it, but I won't get fair treatment.

To dream of the subject commanding oneself indicates that oneself will get the other's care.