To dream of a treat is always happy. After all, there is food and drink, and a banquet costs money. The treat in the dream means wealth.

Dream dinner meal indicates there recently asking people, has been costly.

If you dream that you are in a big treat, inviting people to eat a big meal, this is a very bad dream, which means "family desire is broken", which means that there is a possibility of family destruction or wealth destruction.

To dream of banqueting others means that something unsatisfactory may happen;

To dream of attending a banquet held by someone else is a good fortune sign, which means that your career will be successful;

To dream of cooking and eating at a banquet is to remind the dreamer of small quarrels at home;

A woman dreams of someone hosting a visitor indicates that a happy event is approaching and the dreamer is about to get married;

To dream of hosting a banquet to remind the dreamer that he will increase his expenses and that he should be restrained;

To dream of inviting others to eat is a sign of luck, and it means that many people can get happiness.