Dreaming of myself looking into a deep pit. It indicates that in business, you will take stupid risks; in love, your courtship can only cause the other person's anxiety.

Dreaming of falling into a deep pit indicates disaster and sadness in my heart.

To dream of waking up when you are about to fall into a pit indicates that you will be very lucky to escape an event that brings you grief and disorder.

To dream that you are jumping into a deep pit indicates that you will achieve greater success and that you are willing to pay the price of health and wealth.

A woman dreams of falling into a pit, she will be insulted in her family life, and she needs to restrain her temper.

An official dreamed that he would fall into the pit, he would be opposed by his colleagues, and would be in danger of being demoted. He needs to pay attention to the relationship with the masses.

A businessman dreams of falling into a pit and will suffer business losses, so he must pay attention to stability and avoid risks.

Dreaming of a pit where food is stored will marry a happy person.

A man dreams of pits, his wife will be a good wife and mother, and the family will be safe and harmonious.

Dreaming that the original pit for storing grain is empty, which means bankruptcy,

To dream of smoke in the pit indicates that disaster will be imminent.