Smashed glass in a dream, which means passing a defensive wall. Shattered all the feelings that suppressed me, and let me step into an unmistakable state, where there is no room for new fortresses to be built.

To dream of breaking the glass means that the dreamer has shattered all the feelings suppressed in his heart, and sees everything clearly and clearly.

Dreaming of broken glass increases luck in skills. It will not be difficult to take the upgrade exams for judo, calligraphy, and computer . If you learn a musical instrument, the next year will be a good opportunity to learn difficult playing skills.

Business people dream that the glass is broken, and the Lord’s fortune will increase in the near future, there will be unexpected windfalls, and investment opportunities will be unknown to everyone. It is also possible to participate in some secret transactions and make a profit.

Unmarried men and women dream of broken glass, and the Lord has his own goals and plans for his recent relationship, but utilitarian factors will also be taken into consideration when making a decision. The opposite sex with good material conditions can give you more confidence.

Dreaming of the glass ball is a symbol of new friendship, like a crystal-like friendship. The glass ball is also a fragile item, so it must be carefully taken care of. Only in this way can we make close friends and have long-lasting and eternal friendship.

Dreaming of yourself walking on broken glass, then consider whether the direction of your life is affected by any painful force, it may be the education you received when you were growing up or the current environment.

Dreaming of broken glass and broken windows, the dreamer feels terrified when he hears the sound of broken glass, or dreams of where he wants to go, but he lowers his head and finds that there are broken glass everywhere on the ground, and he is still barefoot. It is especially easy for women to dream of walking on broken glass, surrounded by broken glass.

These terrifying sights hint at situations of "humiliation", but not all situations. Glass can appear in the form of containers, such as plates, cups, window-like partitions, and so on. If we smash plates, cups, and windows, we will panic. This implies that something disappointing has happened, and there are problems that need to be solved immediately.

Most women who have such dreams are in extreme disappointment. Some are because of love, and some are because of work. If we are disappointed and hurt in real life, we don’t know how to avoid more hurt. It is easy to dream of broken glass.

The broken glass in the dream means that the situation in reality has been broken. The situation has already happened, you need to make a plan to deal with it, and you must be careful not to cause more damage, and you must pay special attention to protecting yourself and your own things.

On another level, broken glass represents cutting tools, as well as words and experiences that hurt people. An experience or expectation is not a problem when it is complete, but once it is broken, it becomes dangerous and hurtful. Most of these dreams imply the relationship between people, rather than career conflicts.

If you dream of yourself eating glass, remember that what you eat in your mouth is an experience.

If you are walking on broken glass, then consider whether the direction of your life is affected by painful forces, it may be the education you received when you were growing up or the current environment. This vivid scene is to draw your attention to what you are going through. The pain you may not have paid attention to before is not to make you feel guilty, but to encourage you to have a new beginning in your life.