It is a bad dream to dream that the smoke in the suburbs is rising.

  The emperor dreamed that the smoke in the suburbs would rise, indicating that the frontiers would have enemies.

  Shi Yan dreamed that the smoke in the suburbs was rising, indicating that the house could not be peaceful.

  The soldiers will dream about the sudden rise of smoke in the suburbs to guard against the sudden attack.

  Dreaming of war means suffering.

  Dreaming of a war, chaos will occur in the area where you live.

  Men dream of war , indicating that conflicts and disputes will arise at work, reminding dreamers to have friendly communication with colleagues;

  Women dream of war, indicating that there will be emotional disputes and entanglements, reminding dreamers to deal with it properly;

  Dreaming of a civil war in the country, there will be famine or plague in the dreamer's residence.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dreams of smoke in the suburbs rose. The emperor dreams, the frontier is restless; the prince dreams, the home is restless, the soldiers dream of it, and there is a sudden attack. Mysterious Dreams