Dreaming that you are hiding, hiding under the bed or in the corner, suggesting that you may be making a decision that you know you will regret in the future.

Dreaming that you are hiding something means that you have adopted an evasive attitude on some issues, hesitating in your heart, and unwilling to directly reveal your true views.

Dreaming of finding something hidden means that there will be a surprise waiting for you.

If a young woman dreams of hiding something, it foreshadows many rumors directed at her, but eventually she will gradually prove that there is nothing wrong with her behavior.

Dreaming of hiding, facing more variables, feeling worldly, and people around you have different opinions about your way of dealing with things, and the errors in communication make you feel that you have done something and you will be suspected. It is really uncomfortable. But you will adjust yourself to open. Emotionally, the two parties have a basic consensus on the future of each other, and there is no longer the strange feeling of strangeness when getting along, and because the consensus makes it easier to communicate the emotions and emotions between the two parties.

The woman dreamed that she was hiding, that she was unlucky, that all things were unsatisfactory, to avoid disputes with others, and that there was family discord.

Ask scholars to dream of hiding, and they are active in thinking during the exam , at this time it is suitable for study and further study. Flexible thinking, easy to achieve business success.

The businessman dreamed that he was hiding, and his fortune was average. Although there were more channels to make money, he often received less money and had more unexpected expenses. Consider investing in self-education, and it will pay off well.