Dreaming that your privacy has been leaked indicates that some arrogant and arrogant guys will make you very worried.

For a woman , this dream warns her to be cautious about her personal affairs.

Dreaming that the privacy of her husband or lover is leaked by others indicates that if she speaks incorrectly, she will completely lose confidence in someone.

A man dreams of telling others his privacy, indicating that his opponent will be determined to be an enemy of himself;

A married woman dreams of telling others about her privacy, indicating that her husband will frown and feel upset;

To dream of telling the privacy in your heart reminds the dreamer to be cautious in his words and deeds and not to trust others easily, so as not to cause undesirable consequences;

To dream of someone telling your privacy in your heart reminds you that you can meet a sincere friend, and this friend is trustworthy;

Lovers dream of telling others about their privacy, implying that the marriage failed because of mutual disbelief and suspicion;

Businessmen dream of telling others about their privacy, which means that competitors will squeeze themselves out of business;

To dream of revealing your privacy to others, your goal will be achieved soon;

To dream of your wife revealing her privacy will make her family well-behaved;

Dreaming of wanting to know the privacy of others means fighting with others ;

To dream of asking about your wife’s privacy, there will be quarrels at home;

To dream of investigating the privacy of others in detail indicates that losses and disasters will fall to one's own head.