Dreaming that others change your appearance indicates that you will believe in the creed that people and God can communicate, so you will face calmly and never care about the troubles and inconveniences other people bring to you. In this way, your own status is invisible. The lieutenant general will be significantly improved; at the same time you will win the respect and love of others, and you will do your best to help those who are ignorant and persecuted.

To dream of changing your appearance indicates that your performance will be liked and respected by frank and prominent people.

Dreaming that one thing becomes another object, such a dream may represent your subconscious desire. For example, dreaming of a car turning into a house may indicate that you want to end drifting and start a stable life.

Dreaming that the face of someone you know suddenly changes to another look, or that you become someone else or something else in the dream, usually means that you are threatened. The former may also mean that someone in your life makes you feel multiple faces and makes you feel uneasy.

A woman dreams that her hands become hard, which indicates that her life is hard.

Dreaming that the ice melts means that you will lose your supporters.