Dreaming of fetal movement, auspicious omen, will give birth to a healthy boy.

The girl dreamed of fetal movement, indicating that she would soon find someone she likes.

When a woman dreams of fetal movement, she will become pregnant and give birth to a cute boy.

A man dreams of fetal movement, his wife will become pregnant and give birth to a boy.

If you dream of fetal movement, you will be in good physical condition in the near future. If you are healthy, the mother and child will be safe. If you have this dream, you need to pay more attention to those who are engaged in physical stress workers in the near future. Although your physical condition is good, high stress will also Make you poor.

A newly- married woman dreams of fetal movement, the relationship between you and your lover will have an opportunity to rise, and your mutual trust and understanding are also helpful to the development of the relationship. The person who gets this dream is a smart person in the handling of the relationship. , Then your love will be very happy, and your relationship with your lover will be long.

Middle-aged women who have this dream are due to the bad relationship between you and your family, especially if the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is disputed, you need to pay attention to maintaining the relationship with your mother-in-law. Good, need to be treated in hospital as soon as possible.

Recently , women with exam status have this dream, and their results will be very good. If you want to seize the opportunity, you will have a lot of order for your career.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: How do you look at it from the perspective of physiological science? Baby boys are physically strong, and what the fetus shows in the mother's body is more behavioral movements, such as the kicking of small hands and feet, while the baby girl shows body swings. It is easier for people to experience fetal movements when they are sleeping. If beasts with powerful limbs and sharp movements are like foraging birds, they generally indicate the birth of a boy . Dreaming of animals with slight movements or large display areas, such as birds and swinging fish, generally indicates the birth of a girl . But it must be done during periods of frequent fetal movement.

Psychoanalysis: Dreams often show the achievement of will. Medical experts in Israel confirmed that the maternal serum hormones in the body of a pregnant woman with a baby girl will be about 18% higher than the normal value at about 16 days of pregnancy. This difference does cause pregnant women with baby girls to prefer fruits relatively. But this difference is only relative to my usual expression. Also, whether it is a man or a woman, we will recommend pregnant women to eat more fruits to supplement their nutrition. Of course, if there is a topic of fruit before dreaming, it is just a dream of thinking. If you don't have any thoughts about these fruits in your consciousness during the day, it means that the probability of dreaming of having a daughter is very high.