Dreaming of a stall means that the result of a business is very unexpected, and you may see it.

Stalling is a way of operating legally in places where stalls can be set up without operating licenses, or in places where stalls cannot be set up casually. In the dream, setting up a stall is often accompanied by troubles on the floor.

To dream of setting up a street stall on the side of the street indicates that you will be criticized behind the scenes.

To dream of setting up a street stall, being driven or violent by law enforcement agencies such as urban management, indicates that you will lose money.

A case study of dreaming about a stall

Dream description: I dreamed that I went to set up a street stall, there were winter clothes, summer clothes, and a sewing machine. No one came to buy things all day , and it was almost at the end that there was someone who didn’t take a fancy to it. I hit my sewing machine and I was about to buy it, but my sister knocked on the door and woke me up.

Dream analysis: This dream shows that you are encountering difficulties in your current career and are trying to break through the current difficulties.