To dream of a neighbour, there will be thieves patronizing at home.

Dreaming of quarrels with neighbors, business is stable and prosperous.

A woman dreams of talking with a neighboring man will make her notorious.

The patient dreamed of shaking hands with his neighbors, the treatment was timely and the medical measures were appropriate.

To dream of a neighbor borrowing something from your home means that the dreamer's home will be stolen;

Dreaming of yourself arguing with your neighbors means that the dreamer will provoke right and wrong;

The patient dreams of a neighbor shaking hands, which means that the dreamer is about to heal from a serious illness;

A woman dreams of talking with a male neighbor, which means that the dreamer’s life is not prudent;

Dreaming of the opposite sex of the same generation as your neighbor indicates that love will progress smoothly.

If you dream of neighbors appearing, it is a warning that there is a danger of fire or burns. If you dreamed of the neighbor next door, there would be no such danger.

If young men and women dream of the opposite sex in the neighbors, it means that you have a longing for love, and it implies that there will be a new situation in the pursuit of love.

To dream of a neighbor's illness is a good dream, which means that everything in your family has been going well recently, and no one is in trouble.

If you dream of neighbors appearing, there may be a risk of burns and scalds, so be careful. And if a girl dreams of the appearance of a neighbor’s boy of the same generation, it implies that the girl has a longing for feelings and is looking forward to the arrival of Prince Charming.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

The neighbourhood of Menglu Yan. This dream master’s turmoil in the years of life, and the safety of his life. Or meet someone in it, do something, and you should follow the others and think about it. Or see a certain place name in a dream, someone speaks a certain place name, and each infers it by its place name, or straight dream, or borrowing, there is no good or bad luck. Menglin Xuanjie