Indigo is a color that is brighter than pigment indigo but darker than screen indigo. Indigo should not be regarded as a separate color, but should belong to the blue or purple color. Indigo is between blue and purple, so the order of the seven colors of light should be: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

The indigo color appears in the dream, which means that unforeseen things will happen, which requires you to have the courage and wisdom to take on challenges or trials.

Dreaming that the sky is indigo color implies that someone in your family will be seriously ill, very serious, and it takes a long time to recover slowly, preferably in hospital.

Dreaming of indigo color indicates that you have encountered small troubles in the process of communicating with others. Although it will not cause you major troubles, it is very annoying.

To dream of being covered with indigo color implies that your achievements make some villains jealous, and will slander you in front of others and ruin your reputation.

Generally, dreaming of indigo color means that the dreamer will encounter some unforeseen things in life.