Seeing things vaguely in dreams indicates disloyal friends and unreliable business.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In your dream, when you see a stranger, his image is blurred, and you are standing next to him, indicating that you will suffer a lot of torture, and many people who like to chew their tongues will tell you about it. Your right and wrong made you miserable.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of vaguely beautiful women in the vague images means that you will admire a certain lady, but feel that your identity is inappropriate and other conditions are not good, so you only have unrequited love and dare not take any Act to show your love.

Spiritual symbol: Although the image in the dream is vague, it will not change into other images, which means that a stubborn and unreasonable person will hinder you from handling other things and make you anxious.

Case study of blurred images in dreams

Dream description: I dreamed that I couldn't open my eyes, dreamed of a check, and opened my eyes with enough effort. It takes a lot of effort to see that little bit clearly, and it is very blurry. Why do I always dream that my eyes can't see things clearly? This phenomenon has been repeated in my dreams? Ask the professionals to solve it.

Dream analysis: dreaming of not seeing things clearly, this dream is more a reflection of health problems.

Originally, I closed my eyes, but I also dreamed that it might be a disease of the eyes. Usually people with myopia have this dream, or whether you are usually too tired and use your eyes during work, study or entertainment. Excessively, the eyes are very tired. This requires attention. It is best to see if there are other symptoms at ordinary times, and to see if there are any. Don't underestimate the reminder of the dream.

I just use my eyes too much. Although I know it will damage my eyesight and dream of watering the ground, but I can’t control it. So every night I dream that I can’t see things clearly, and even become colorblind. Everything I see is red and red. The green ones are basically scared to wake up.

If I don’t use my eyes much during the day and go to bed early, it seems like this dream doesn’t happen much. Maybe you are in the same situation. Is it time to rest your eyes? Go out and take a look at the green ones. Plants, or look far away and look at the sky. If you use it, you should rest your eyes after an hour to relax your eyes completely.

Dreaming that you can’t open your eyes and you can’t see things clearly. Because your eyes are spiritual, it shows that you are often unable to see the inner essence of things that have happened recently. What you can see at present is also some superficial phenomena. , Don’t blind your heart just because of some superficial phenomena, but be good at discovering.