To dream of a lot of things lacking, you need to identify and see which ones are basic human needs, which ones are related to your self-realization, and which lacks actually distract you from what you really need.

In the dream, lack means not afraid of lack, successfully passed this test in life, so the days of lack will end.

To dream of missing something means that you will be rich.

To dream of lack of water, you will have your own pool and well, so there will be a lot of water.

To dream of lack of food means that you will get money, there will be a lot of money to buy food, and you can choose a beneficial business or job.

To dream of being rich without clothes.

To dream of a friend or other person lacking something is extremely inconvenient, and you can get these things soon.

Dreaming that the enemy lacks what the family needs, disaster will be imminent.

A businessman dreams of lack of goods will become a millionaire.