An unmarried man dreams that a woman who is not in a relationship or marriage makes an indecent request, or is indecent to the other party, implying that you will have a girlfriend and get love.

A woman dreams of making an indecent request to a man who is not in love or marriage with her, or indecent to the other person, it implies that her health will be deteriorating.

Dreaming of someone assaulting oneself implies that the dreamer’s ideological tradition. Dreaming of being assaulted also indicates that the dreamer’s attitude towards life and sex will be tested recently.

Dreaming of someone being ashamed may also express the dreamer's desire for sex, but in the dreamer's heart it is very taboo about sex, so it has to be released through the dream.

Case analysis of dreaming of indecent assault

Dream description: A few nights ago I dreamed that I was in a hospital near our home, and the one who was seeing me was a male doctor. As a result, when I was auscultating, I felt that there was something abnormal. At this moment, the man The doctor insulted me. I slapped him and ran away. I saw that there were ghosts there, and the doctors there were not humans, but the patients seemed to be normal people. What the hell does this mean? Let me It feels very bad~!

Dream analysis: You need to pay more attention to your health recently. Your dream tells you that your own affairs or career needs to be reviewed recently. Ghosts represent bad things and are bad omens. Dream ghost strange, encounter dangerous. You have already felt uneasy because of this, and you need to take precautions.