Generally speaking, dreaming of someone telling a fortune may indicate that you are not very satisfied with the current situation, or have worries, and are repeatedly calculating something in your heart. On the other hand, it also means that you are a person who values ​​your identity and wealth in your heart.

If you dream of someone telling yourself fortune-telling, it means that you may have a better life, but there are things that are not going well in your career.

If you dream of telling others fortunes by yourself, it indicates that your plan will be completely successful.

A young woman dreams of fortune telling indicates that she will make a choice between the two suitors. It is also annoying for her to judge the social status and career achievements of the two.

To dream of someone telling a fortune tells you that your heart is thinking about something

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreams are fortune-telling for oneself, and the Lord's destiny is prosperous and lucky. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Case analysis of dreaming about fortune telling

Dream description: I am a bit superstitious, and sometimes go to fortune-telling. That time I had a dream of fortune-telling. I dreamed that I met a fortune teller who insisted to help me calculate. He said I would be lucky, and I said he was talking nonsense. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of fortune-telling is a symbol of emotion and success. Dreaming about fortune-telling indicates that you are thinking about something in your mind. Dreaming of giving you a fortune telling means that you are satisfied in your personal life, but not so satisfied in your career. Dreaming that you are fortune-telling indicates that your plan will be fully successful.

If you dream of drawing lots, it means that you can’t make decisions about many important issues such as marriage or employment.

Dreaming about astrology indicates that you want to predict your own future and future in your heart.