To dream of participating in a carnival indicates that you will soon enjoy extraordinary happiness and pastime.

To dream of someone wearing a mask at the carnival, or an untimely funny person, implies family discord, dissatisfaction with career, and silence for love.

To dream of attending the carnival in the square of the festival indicates that you have the opportunity to get rid of all the shackles and do not need to be as restrained as usual.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Carnival is a mandatory release of one's own energy. It expresses in your dreams the way you interact with other people or your understanding and desire for love. Dreaming that you are carnival at the carnival actually reflects your fear of losing control of yourself.

Psychoanalysis: People encounter different difficulties in all aspects of life. As in the waking state, dreaming of carnival at the carnival is actually your self-venting and adjustment.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, dreaming of carnival at the carnival represents spiritual indulgence.