Dream of water a fire burning, it represents already lost hope things will gradually get better on guitar dream. ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website )

Dreaming of burning a fire is a good omen, indicating that the recent fortune is good and life will become more and more exciting.

Dream fire burn itself, and he is not from the fire jumped in the past, if you feel thirsty after wake up, which means that your excessive yang, virtual fire attack, the mood is upset, up to find the best doctors Help you adjust it.

To dream of a big fire burning the mountain, and the burning is getting more intense. If you feel sultry in the dream and then wake up, it means that your sleeping posture is not good, so you have this dream. And if you don’t feel uncomfortable in the dream of Huoshaoshan, this is a good dream, which means that your job will be promoted, and your wealth will also upgrade.

Dreaming that the fire goes out and there is only a puff of smoke and flickering ashes, it means that you will have setbacks in your work or career, or when you are in a happy mood, something suddenly makes you feel very bored.

To dream of a raging fire and rising flames is a good dream. It means that your wealth is prosperous and you will have a large amount of income into your account. To dream of lighting a big fire is also an auspicious dream, which means that your body is very healthy.

To dream of black smoke from a big fire is an unlucky dream. It means that you may be sick, but you have not noticed it. Seek medical attention as soon as possible and get treatment as soon as possible.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of a fire burning on the water indicates that the stock market implies that even if it rises temporarily, it cannot be sustained.