Dreaming about asking for trust means that you will be troubled, although you may sometimes think that the future is still bright.

Dream of trusting others and warn you to be careful about things, because you are likely to trust those who ultimately harm you.

Dreaming about a dream of trust means that you will achieve a futile success.

Dream Case Study of Trust

[Dream Example 1]

Dream description: Dreaming and dreaming that you can't get the trust of your friends.

Dreamland analysis: dreaming that others do not believe in yourself indicates that your achievement requires your own efforts, and it is unlikely that a friend will help you.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: What do you dream about when your superior trusts me so much?

Dream analysis: This dream may indicate that in the real life, you want to exert your ability but is obstructed. When dreaming about this dream, you must also pay attention to some troubles in your work, and you must actively communicate when you encounter problems.