Only the tail of the animal is seen in the dream, which indicates that you will try hard to find happiness, but you will be surprised to find an interesting phenomenon: The happiness that you have been struggling with after a short time is not left to you, but to last longer. Troubles.

Dreaming of cutting off the tail of an animal means that it is unexpected that you have unexpectedly brought about an irreparable loss.

Dreaming of a tail of a livestock on your body, foreshadowing that you will endlessly suffer from improper ways of doing things. In addition, it also indicates that some weird events will confuse you.

Dreaming that you are looking at the tail of an animal means that you will be happy.

Dreaming of a pig tail on your butt indicates that your wrong behavior will bring disaster.

Dreaming that you chop off a pig's tail with a knife, remind you that because of your carelessness, you have to bear some of your own fruit, and endure some unfortunate things.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

The dream's tail is like a beast's buttocks, auspicious, and there is no beginning or end. The only husband is born, the daughter-in-law is male, the child meets the friend, and the service is over. If you dream of a snake tail, you will experience the big, the small and the soft. Mysterious Dreams