Only seeing the tails of animals in the dream indicates that you will try to find happiness, but you will be surprised to find an interesting phenomenon: the happiness that you have been seeking for a short time is not left to yourself after a short period of happiness, but longer Troubles.

Dreaming of cutting off the tail of an animal means that what you did not expect is a momentary carelessness but it brings irreparable loss to yourself.

Dreaming that you have an animal tail on your body indicates that you will cause endless distress due to improper handling. In addition, it also indicates that some weird events will make you puzzled.

To dream that you are looking at the tail of an animal means that you will be in a happy mood.

Dreaming that your butt has pig tails indicates that your wrong behavior will bring disaster.

Dreaming that you cut off a pig's tail with a knife reminds you that you will endure some misfortunes due to your carelessness.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming has a tail like a beast's buttocks, auspicious, no sign of the beginning and the end. Only husbands give birth to heirs, widows get males, children meet friends, and labor will be over. If you dream of snake tail, it is the experience of big and small, rigid and soft. Menglin Xuanjie