Dreaming of tripping over the threshold means that a catastrophe is imminent and you need to be cautious.

Dreaming of the door knocker and door latch means that you have no opinion in your heart and you must find someone to make an idea.

Dreaming of a door bolt means that someone will ask you for help. If the door bolt is broken, it means that you are not satisfied with what your friend has done. It also means that you may be sick or that there will be a thief in front of your house.

Dreaming that the door is closed means that success is right in front of you.

Dreaming that the door is open means that you need to continue to work hard, and success is still far away.

Dreaming that the door of the house is open, Zhao's wife has an affair.

Psychological dream interpretation

Crossing the threshold in the dream implies entering a new field. Dreaming of being carried over the threshold may symbolize the beginning of marriage or a new partner’s life.

If the dreamer will soon take on new responsibilities, this is manifested in the dream as standing on the threshold, he has just entered a new stage of life, or started another way of life. The threshold symbolizes the transition from one life stage to another, and it can be expressed through the coming-of-age ceremony.

The dreamer stands on the threshold to a new spiritual level. He should pay special attention to all the things that happened around him at this stage.