Dreaming about time, or bells, often symbolizes a sense of urgency and reminds you to focus on the right place.

Dreaming that I am watching the time shows that the dreamer is very busy at work and has a lot of affairs or communication, which indicates that he will win time and also win career success.

Businessmen dream about time, indicating that a strong concept of time will win the trust of customers.

Dreaming about time, students showed that they valued time and hinted that they would get good grades.

Dreaming that others are watching the time, suggesting that they are busy and do not need to bother.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: Last night I dreamed that I was watching the time. As a result, the clock seemed to be out of battery. I fixed it at 12 :: 5 and would not go. I remember it very clearly. Is there anything interesting?

Dream analysis: Do you feel powerless recently and do not want to do anything? Time freeze means that there is no progress. 12 o'clock is actually coincident with 0, which means that the beginning and end are the same. This is another new beginning, which shows that this matter has not progressed well at the beginning. You must think about the current matter. If it is because of insufficient motivation, try to find a way to get back the motivation. Then close it early. Suggest to stop this thing.

Psychological hint: Is there something important that you are afraid to miss lately?