The discovery of something hidden in the dream indicates that the dreamer is aware of the fear hidden in his heart. In many people's minds, those secret things are always associated with evil magic and terrible demons. The dream reveals the selfish side of the dreamer's character.

  Seeing something hidden in a dream may indicate some mysterious knowledge that has not yet been mastered or utilized.

  Dreaming that you are lurking or hiding shows your desire to be famous.

  If you dream of hiding in the dark, it means that you want to be a celebrity.

  Dreaming about your privacy being leaked indicates that some arrogant guys will make you very worried.

  For women , this dream warned her to be careful about her personal affairs.

  Dreaming that her husband's or lover's privacy had been leaked, foreshadows that if she is not worded properly in the conversation, she will completely lose someone's confidence.