If you feel fear in your dream, hiding in a corner in search of safety will be a bad omen.

Seeing people talking in the corner in the dream indicates that the enemy is waiting for an opportunity to destroy you. It may be a friend of yours who finally forgot his righteousness for profit, betrayed you, and robbed you of your property.

Dreaming of a curved river bank means that in your work and daily life, there will be many twists and turns of struggle, and you will have achievements after your hard work.

Dreaming of a fork in the road, or a T-shaped intersection, or a fork in the road, indicates that life is about to encounter an important turning point or face a major choice. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If you choose one of them in your dream, it implies that you already have the answers to some major issues that need to be chosen in your life or work, and you just have to go on bravely.

To dream that a red light suddenly lights up at an intersection indicates that the plan you are currently working on may be suspended; or to remind you that there are potential dangers ahead of the original plan, and it is best to consider it carefully.

If you dream of a green light before a fork in the road, it means that your career is going smoothly and unimpeded.

Case study of dreaming about the corner

Dream description: I had a dream one night. I dreamed that I was driving around a corner and there was someone in front of me. I didn't know which was the brake and which was the accelerator. I was in a hurry, and then I woke up in a hurry.

Dream analysis: Turning is usually a dangerous place for driving . Dreaming of turning means that there are potential dangers around you that make you nervous, and you have lost an inch in front of this danger. It is recommended that you do not rush To deal with this matter, but to calm down and think carefully, to find out the problem, in order to quickly prepare to solve the problem.