Dreaming of single-eyed creatures indicates that irresistible conspiracy and tricks will damage your property and make you feel depressed.

Myopia can cause people to be unable to see far away things clearly. In the dream, it is the same with glasses. It symbolizes that you are in an environment that you cannot see clearly. Wearing monocular glasses is a symbol of indulgence for some bad things.

To dream of seeing or wearing monocular glasses means that you will be hurt by making friends carelessly, but you cannot get rid of these friends.

To dream of seeing single-eyed glasses indicates that you will cause unnecessary trouble for yourself because you are too enthusiastic about people.

The girl dreams that she wears single-eye glasses, indicating that her love will be disturbed, and there will be accidents or a third party, forcing herself to separate from her lover.

The businessman dreamed that he was wearing monocular glasses, indicating that he would be punished for certain violations.