Dreaming that you are asking others to give yourself a benefit means that you will have a rich life and almost everything.

Dreaming of your favor to others implies that you will suffer losses.

The dream of gratitude and prayer is a symbol of gifts and friends.

Dreaming that you are praying with thanksgiving indicates that you will receive a valuable gift.

Dreaming that someone is praying in gratitude means that you will meet a close friend.

Dreaming of hearing thanksgiving prayers indicates that you will get good news from afar.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreamer is grateful. Every mortal has a virtue and a good person, and in the gloom, there will be gratitude. Either return to Fulu, or return to life, or return to children, or rescue them from calamity. Whenever in a nightmare, karma talks, there is a lot to do, and you ca n’t mention it. If this is the case, one must go back to thinking and acting. If there is virtue or not, then the truth and truth of the sign are unknown. Mysterious Dreams

Dreamer is grateful. Good or bad, you have to ask yourself for your usual behavior. "Secret Secretary"