Dreaming of the spades in the cards indicates that you will be tricked into doing absurd things, which will bring pain and misfortune to yourself.

For a gambler, dreaming that the spades are the trump card indicates that the more he gambles, the more he loses.

If you dream of playing poker with others in your pastime, the hope that has been encouraging you to make progress will come true, and all the annoying minor illnesses will disappear.

But dreaming of playing poker gambling, you will fall into a serious dilemma.

To dream of losing in playing poker, you will encounter the enemy; if you win, you will eventually prove that you are legal, but the process is tortuous.

A young woman dreams of her sweetheart playing a poker game, she will have reason to doubt his so-called kindness.

In playing poker games, dreaming of squares means wealth; dreaming of plum blossoms means that your spouse will be difficult to deal with. From time to time, you have to explain your going out, which may not be so easy to cope with; dreaming of hearts means loyalty and Comfortable environment; dreaming of spades, you will unfortunately become a widow, and you will be dragged down by debts.