To dream that you are counting the number of your children and that they are all healthy and cute. This means that you will not encounter any trouble in disciplining your children and that they all have a place in society.

To dream that you are counting money means that your income has increased and your money has increased.

But if you count the money and give it to someone else, it means that you have lost a certain amount of money.

To dream of counting money means that you are always lucky. Even if you have debts, you are able to repay them. However, if you pass the money to someone else after counting the money, it means that you have lost money to some extent.

A man dreams that someone counts money, which means that he has been lucky recently, and the pressure on money will be relieved. Even if it is temporarily unsatisfactory, it can be resolved smoothly.

A woman dreams of others counting money means that she will get a lot of opportunities and new love affair will be produced in all kinds of gatherings.

Business people dream of others counting money, they will discover potential business opportunities and develop new entrepreneurial opportunities.