Dreaming of opening the shackles usually implies that you are eager to be free from bondage or to be free from pressure.

The husband dreamed that he rescued his wife, which means family harmony, love between husband and wife, and a happy life.

The wife dreamed that she rescued her husband, she would receive gifts from parents, elders, and relatives, making her richer and improving her quality of life. But if the wife dreams that her husband was rescued by others, it implies that the husband and wife were rescued by others, which implies that friction may occur between the husband and wife.

Dreaming of releasing animals implies that you want to save your creativity and regain your creative nature or spirituality.

An unmarried woman dreamed that her boyfriend was rescued, suggesting that the two are going to part ways.

An unmarried man dreamed that he rescued a famous person, indicating that he might marry a famous wife.

To dream of saving your friends or relatives from robbers, enemies, or criminals indicates that you will encounter obstacles on the way forward, but at critical moments, you will get help from your friends and succeed.

Dreaming that you were rescued by the enemy indicates that you may get into trouble, suffer blows and torture.

On the contrary, if you dream of saving the enemy, it indicates that you will fight your opponent.

The businessman dreamed of saving the employees who worked for him, indicating that he would make a fortune and live a prosperous and happy life.

The patient dreamed that someone had saved him, indicating that the body was about to recover.