Dreaming about your hometown shows that you are a very affectionate person.

People who dream of their hometown, Ji Zhao, will meet friends who have not seen him for a long time.

Case Study of Dreaming Hometown

Dream description: I have dreamed of returning to my hometown several times, and the scenery is the same every time. On the way to the door at home, but turned a corner, the original valley turned into a lake-like wide waters, the scenery is very good, the water is very clear and clear, there are trees by the water, the trees grow on the water, as if The home is opposite, but I can't find the way to the other side after walking through the slab-like bridges. Very nostalgic for the dream scenery, but soon woke up and solved.

Dreamland analysis: Dreaming of your hometown, it is you who miss your hometown, which shows that you are a person with a strong relationship. If you have time, you can go back and take a look.