Dreaming that you are lucky is a sign of good fortune, foreshadowing that your wishes may come true and you will happily assume new responsibilities.

For frustrated people, this dream foreshadows new success and makes people feel uplifted.

Dreaming of your own lucky number means that you are very lucky; it is also inspiring you to continue to strive for the goal of work or love with full courage and confidence. You must believe in yourself. In the future, you will live a happy and happy love .

Dreaming of a lucky case study

Dream Description: This two-day old dreamed that he was lucky dream go to the supermarket to buy things , do not give people money, people still look to me, and today dream of a few crooks thrown to the ground several hundred, my friend Just pick me up and do n’t let it go, knowing that fake money is deceiving, and then run away. As a result, the two scammers also picked up fake money and wrote on it. There were many mistakes. What do you mean, what are the symptoms? Thank you?

Dreamland analysis: I am very lucky to dream of myself, this is indeed a happy heart, which indicates that your success is coming.