Listening to someone singing a serenade to you in a dream, then the problems you face will soon be self-defeating.

  Dreaming of serenade, it indicates that your expectation will not be disappointed, and the good news from your friends will make you happy.

  Dreaming that you are one of the serenade performers indicates that your future will be full of many celebrations and surprises.

  Listening to beautiful and pleasing music in the dream indicates that the dreamer's deep concern has developed very well;

  Hearing the deep and low-back music in the dream indicates the dreamer's thoughts in his heart;

  Hearing less harmonious music in the dream, suggesting that the dreamer will have small difficulties in the recent period of work or career;

  Dreaming of being invited to a concert, dreamers can get people's respect;

  The patient dreamed of listening to music and recovered quickly;

  I dreamed that I was playing a musical instrument, but the audience was sad, which meant that I would offend my friends;

  Dreaming that the deaf is listening to music, grievances and pain are coming;

  Dreaming of attending a concert at the enemy's house, you will be deceived by friends;

  Dreaming that many people are playing music and singing may mean that the elderly in the family are going to die;

  A woman dreams that she is singing, but she has no audience, which is an ominous sign. Pay more attention to her physical health;

  The young man dreamed that the couple would play music or sing with a pleasant singing voice, indicating that the dreamer's recent mentality is good. If you keep it often, you can have good luck.