There are many people, and many people are relatives and friends. People in the world should be brothers and sisters. Westerners often say that we are all children of God.

To dream of many people, many people, represents relatives and friends.

Dreaming that many people in luxurious clothes gather together, the unmarried people will tie the knot.

Dreaming that people in dirty clothes gather together, the relatives of the dreamer will die forever.

I dreamed of many people, business losses, or deceived money.

I dreamed that I would live a long life among the bandits.

To dream that many people get together to drink alcohol will lose money and lead to bankruptcy. It is also a precursor to fierce disputes.

I dreamed that many people were playing music and singing, and the elder in the family was about to die.

To dream of a lot of people fighting, there are shadows in health. Pay attention to the digestive system. It is likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, appendicitis and other diseases. At this time, overeating must be absolutely prohibited.

Dreaming of crowds on the streets, or crowds of people in squares, assemblies, or commercial pedestrian streets usually means that you have a prosperous career and a prosperous life. A man dreams of this kind of dream indicates that his career prospects are bright and prosperous. A woman ’s dream like this usually means a stable family, a well-off family, and a rich and comfortable life.

To dream that you are advancing hard in the flow of people, or that the flow of people is coming to squeeze you down, or to be squeezed out of breath, dreaming of such a dream, on the one hand, means that you may be a somewhat introverted person. In life, I often suppress my personality, dare not pursue the true desire deep in my heart, and avoid the crowd a little bit. This kind of dream reminds you to have more contact with the crowd, keep a more open mind, and muster the courage to pursue your true self. On the other hand, this kind of dream may also remind you to exercise properly and pay more attention to your physical health in the near future, especially the health of your heart and respiratory system.

Dreaming of crowds of people on the streets means terrible accidents will happen.

To dream of being squeezed in the flow of people is an unlucky dream, which implies that the body will be entangled by the patient.

A man dreams of the crowds on the street, which indicates that his career will develop greatly.

Women dream of a crowded, prosperous scene in the market, which means that they have a good family and rich.

Dreaming of a lot of people

Dream description: I had a dream last night. There were many people in the dream. When I looked closely, I found that they were all people I haven't seen for a long time.

Dream analysis: There are some friends who have not seen for a long time, who have never said anything but disappeared from your life at some point. Occasionally, when real life is unsatisfactory, I will think of the happy times in the past. Dreaming of this may be that you realize that when you are old, it is difficult to make new confidantes again and miss your former friends.