Dream description: Last night, I dreamed that my husband came back from a business trip and brought back a girl, who said that there was no way to separate and asked to divorce me.

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : It means that the dreamer is also thinking about whether his husband has an affair during the day, that is, the dream is a continuation of his daytime thinking, thinking day by day and thinking night.

It indicates that the trust between the dreamer and his husband has decreased, or that such a thing has happened in the past, causing the dreamer to consciously or unconsciously guess and think; there is also a possibility that the dreamer denies himself and feels that Something deficient in oneself caused her husband's dissatisfaction.

From a psychological perspective, this is an individual's self-protection behavior, that is, the dreamer is afraid of being harmed, and makes a guess, hoping to predict the facts in advance to avoid being harmed or minimize the harm.

Suggestions: 1. Self-examination; 2. Through conversations to improve mutual understanding and increase trust; In addition, I can only help the dreamer analyze from a psychological perspective, the actual situation (mainly refers to whether the dreamer's husband really has Affair), this is powerless. Many dreams are counter-productive. If the dreamer has such a dream, it means that the dreamer loves her husband very much and is also afraid of losing him. The more worried the dreamer is, the easier it is to have such a dream at night, so advise the dreamer not to Think too much and treat your husband with heart, I believe he can feel it, because trust between husband and wife is really important.

Dreaming of her husband being with someone else's woman indicates a good interpersonal relationship, and it is a good sign to get along with old and new friends.

The unmarried person dreams that her husband and other women are together, which indicates that the relationship is in a trough, and they pay more attention to their feelings. It is their own ideas to give or refuse to consider, and your situation will be more lonely.

The married person dreams of her husband being with someone else's woman, which indicates that the family relationship is very good, they will also be filial to their parents, and you will also be appreciated by others, which is a good sign.

The businessman dreamed that her husband was with someone else's woman, indicating good fortune and hope for success, but he should not be impatient or blind, otherwise the investment would be easy to lose.

The office worker dreams that her husband is with other women, which indicates that she has a keen mind at work, and she needs to be more careful in her work. She can successfully complete more moderate tasks. She may also encounter the possibility of promotion inspection or discussing important projects with her boss. , I must grasp and perform well, which is very helpful to the progress of future work.

The clerical author dreamed that her husband and other women were together, indicating that her work attitude was more pragmatic, and that she had planned things, and she was expected to achieve good results. However, her sense of humor would be missing, which would easily make colleagues feel awed.

The graduate dreams that her husband is with other women, which indicates that it is more advantageous to keep a low profile in job search. If you are too public, you will miss a lot of opportunities. In addition, you must be careful of the possibility of black box operation.

Dreaming of her husband and ex-girlfriend together foreshadows new progress in love. If there is no friend of the opposite sex, it will have feelings with the people around you. It is recommended that you think for yourself to avoid embarrassment later.

Dreaming of her husband and lover together foreshadows that he will take the initiative to shake hands with the person who originally disagrees, and his fortune will also improve, which is a good sign.

Dreaming of your husband and girl together indicates that you are better at big team battles, and your work progress will be more effective. The original work should come to an end. You can think about the next business plan and future development direction. Your future development is crucial.

Dreaming of her husband sleeping with other women is a sign of good fortune and a clear mind. What he will do next will have a clear goal, and he will work hard for it, and he will get good results.

Dreaming of her husband and other women sleeping together to have sex , which indicates that there will be ups and downs in love, and it is easy to have disputes over small things in life. It is recommended that you learn to understand and tolerate each other. Only in this way will it be conducive to long-term relationships and avoid long-term quarrels. Hurt feelings.

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