Always dreamed of exclusion of women, with no woman margin What does it mean

Dreamsmeaning Book : Dreams are always ostracized by women, and there is no femininity that is a manifestation of the dreamer's lack of self-confidence in himself.

To dream that you are always rejected by women and that you are a man without any relationship with women. This dream reflects that the biggest feature of this kind of man is that he has no relationship with the opposite sex. In fact, the main reason is that he has too little courage. Before changing the personality, in daily life, or on blind dates , what women see is not just a shy man, but a man who dares not even lift his head and has no responsibility. This is a woman who does not want to marry man, if indeed such a situation, it is still think about how to change their character, bold and allow yourself to become normal mature it, a woman is not a mother tiger , if a woman, to find his beloved admire the man, they'll be good Smoothly like a little sheep.

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