What does it mean for a 16-year-old girl to dream of a Taoist priest?

Hello, I am a 16-year-old girl, a student, and single. I have had this kind of dream two or three times in three years as a junior high school student. When I arrived at a station by car, an old Taoist priest could only use vehicles. I saw that there was a Taoist temple on the stop sign and said something casually. Then the old Taoist chased me down. I started fighting with him first. I was bullying him. , And then my mother came, and we bullied him together. What does this mean? (I have had this dream two or three times in three years as a junior high school student) Now it is a holiday after the high school entrance examination, why do I still have this dream?

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation road: car, refers to the way and way, here can be understood as the way and way of growth, the station is a transfer point, refers to the end of the road that has been traveled before, and will continue to go on the road, continue to grow, This plot has two meanings. The shallow level can refer to your studies. As a student, your studies are an important part of your growth. Here can explain why you have such a dream at this time. The high school entrance examination has just ended and you are about to enter high school. At such a turning point like a station, the car is your campus life, and why did you do it two or three times in three years of junior high school? This comes from a deeper meaning. In addition to schoolwork, people’s body and mind are also at this age. In the process of rapid growth and maturity, our hearts are constantly constructing a psychological structure, but it is not as obvious as schoolwork. In this aspect of growth, family relationships play a major role, which is yours. "Che", an old Taoist commanding a vehicle, means that in your heart, there is such an image that controls your growth path. This image comes from Taoism. Taoism can be understood as a palace and a stop on your growth path. , When you grow up to be more mature, you will also reach this hall, and this old-fashioned image comes from such a mature hall, has reached such a more mature life state image, standing on the sign The appearance of this Taoist temple expresses your expectations of this state to a certain extent. At the same time, what you say casually is to express your resistance to your father (or family The dependence of other male elders), a mature man in the house of the family, you expect to be mature enough to be with your father as a female, and at the same time, as the father's daughter, you are unwilling to grow up and leave him. In this way, it’s easier to understand after reading the following content. Being chased means that you feel oppressed, make trouble with him, bully him like a baby, and the appearance of your mother. Here, it means that you feel like in your heart. The same part as a mother, or a part that I want to become, is out of the need for inner growth, and it also reflects the feelings for my father.

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