What does dreaming about palm print mean?

Last night I dreamed that my cousin looked at the palm print of my left hand in a different way, and then said that there is a circle on the palm print that indicates that you can't get it. I'm also sure to tell me that I will be a cleaner after 1 year. I suddenly felt annoyed, how could I be a cleaner? I was also curious to ask her if other people's fortune-telling was all about the right hand, she said it was about the left hand! The scene I dreamed of was night, and my cousin asked me to insert some bamboo into the figure on the ground. Then I did n’t know how to plug in. Just two of them were plugged in, and my cousin came in. Later, I didn't know how to hold the graphic and unfold it. But all the flowers inside are drooping. The cousin was very disappointed and asked the seven fairies to come down to congratulate me, please fail! Later the scene changed. Suddenly changed to my uncle's house, and I still have father, mother, and sister eating at a table around his house . Auntie and auntie came back after a while. Then they all pulled out money to send me New Year's money. I think the second aunt's family hasn't had a good economy these days, so I just refused. Say I have money, and touch the purse, there are really a lot of hundred. Neither of them laughed, I thought they were angry ~ Later the scene changed again. In a school-like playground. Some cousins ​​and I are cheering on the runners. It's so lively ~ I feel very real, and I'm following. Then just after the runner ran over, I came to a classmate [I forgot if I knew a classmate] and asked me to hold her a drink ~ It ’s in a bag, it ’s very big ~ Because she opened this bag of drinks Yes, the opening is still very large, and it will spill out if I don't pay attention. I just blocked it with my mouth while holding it, and took two sips from time to time. I tried not to block it in the middle, but the drink spilled out. After a long time, I was almost nobody in this position. The person hadn't come yet. I had to hold the bag of drinks and go to the crowded place in front of me, hoping to meet her. Just now, as if the situation had changed again, everyone was running away ~ Then I ran away and lost the drink. Suddenly it seemed like an acquaintance saw me and quickly threw me into an escaped car. Too many people, I just lie on the door behind the car.

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation: The cousin looks at the palm print of her left hand. The cousin is the same-sex peer, older than herself. It can be understood as a part of her self like a cousin. Look at the palm print of her left hand. The left hand symbolizes the past. Palm print can be understood as experience here. Taken together, the meaning of this plot is that you are reviewing and summarizing your own experience. Do n’t force the things you ca n’t get. This sentence directly expresses some of the past. The experience summarized, one year later will be a cleaner, is to remind myself to do some cleaning work in the past, clean up some of my feelings or emotions, why look at the left hand, already in the previous To explain, the left is a symbol of the past. The following paragraph makes graphics, which can be understood as a weaving of your own inner emotional world or life. The flower can be regarded as your ego, and it hangs down as if it is about to wither. It means that there is no positive attitude. Please come down and congratulate the seven fairies. Seven fairies It can be seen as the image you want to have in your heart, that is, the ideal image. Congratulations, naturally you are expressing your desire to expect good things to happen, and please fail. Is it that you are away from the ideal image and ideal state or there are some Distance. Auntie and auntie are the same-sex elders, and they have different stages of life. They are economically strained, and you have a lot of money, money, which means the value of life. This plot is expressing, you think like Their life stages are worthless, and young selves are valuable. If they don't laugh, it means that you think life conditions like them are unhappy. The next scene, the sports field, has two meanings of sports and athletics. It can be understood as hard work on the love field, holding a bag of drinks and other people. This bag of drinks can be regarded as your ego. Having some emotional affairs, waiting for someone means waiting for a suitable person, giving yourself to this person, taking a sip from time to time, meaning that while waiting, you are also experiencing some faint love affairs, And people did n’t wait, but they saw a lot of people running away . It was a hint that they could n’t wait for the person who could give themselves up because they wanted to escape.The inner state of the person just flinched when he touched it shallowly. Because of this state, even if he got on the car, he was passive and was thrown away by others. Moreover, among the people who are also engaged in this effort, You don't have a comfortable seat, you can only be on the edge. Synthesizing the entire dream, we can see that this dream is telling you that, in terms of feelings, the reason why you have no positive state and always run away through shallow experience is because you are worried about losing your own value. Multiple sources, past experiences, and evaluations of the current living conditions of older women in their own women. Any stage of life is valuable, but sometimes we do n’t see it for a while. The past experience is a valuable life lesson that gives us experience and skills. Its purpose is not to shrink us, but to enable us to Better to go farther in life, always flee, how can happiness come?

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