Hello, I am 23 years old. I am in a hurry to find a job. I dreamed of a very confused dream when I went to bed in the afternoon. I do n’t know what the symbolic meaning is or what the indication is. I hope the experts can help explain.

I started to dream about seeing what university I was with my elementary school classmates (two girls), it seemed far away from my home, in the evening, winter, it was cold, and then we had to go home and find a bus by the station. One of the classmates put a coat in a car of the kind in a supermarket, and I helped her push it. The car was a bit short and I had to bend over. We walked in an alley. The road seemed muddy, I couldn't remember it, it was just an impression, and then the two of us (the one who helped me get her clothes) separated from the other. We walked to a place that seemed to be a cave, but also a greenhouse for a farmer's market. There were two roads, many and many people, and it was crowded. I walked ahead, and picked the road on the left side and pushed forward. The left side of the road is married , like a street performer, and the right side is a funeral. A group of old ladies walk out in mourning clothes. There is only a narrow road in the middle. I squeezed forward, and within a few steps, an old lady held my neck by the hand and said that there was something dirty inside, let me go another way. It was dark inside, so I exited and walked in from the road on the right. Many people were still very crowded, and my classmates and I slowly crowded out. Before I left with my classmates, I was still in that hole, in a place where there were relatively few people, my classmates were waiting for me in front, and I walked to him, but it turned out to be a ghost, like an old woman , like a zombie , But I felt like a ghost in my dream, stopped me, I forgot how to run out, and forgot the back, and then suddenly changed the screen, and it became me and my mother on the bus, next to each other seat. There are still many, many people in the car, so crowded. I discussed the unclean thing with my mother just now, and then found that the woman standing next to my mother was holding a black, urn- like thing. In my dreams, I thought it was a coffin . My mother and I felt so obscene. Later, the woman got out of the car, and there were fewer people on the car. The girl behind my mother stole my mother's things and I saw it. Then I threatened her and said that if she stole my mother's things, I would let everyone Knowing he was a thief, then he woke up.

Question added: Because it is to post the chat record with the classmates directly, without reorganization, it is very messy, maybe some places are not clear, forgive me.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Xie Mengdao: In the university with my elementary school students, the past people and scenes reflect the phenomenon of regression, which means that in reality, because you have some dissatisfaction with the status quo in your heart, you retreat to your memories earlier in your dreams In a state, to seek emotions, states, or guidelines, the weather conditions vividly express your inner state, cold, helpless, want to find a train at the station, can be understood as, you want to find a way, Come to continue to develop your life and move on. The characters in your dreams can be understood as a part of your own image, and part of the image is pushing a trolley. It can be understood as a close relationship that you are operating. , Your feeling is that there is a coat, the coat can be regarded as an external image, indicating that in this relationship, you think that from the perspective of others, you have a coat that can be used for heating, a warm protection, and a short car , You need to bend over, express your dissatisfaction, feel that it is not high enough, not big enough, entering a cave or greenhouse can be understood as entering your heart Deeper, to find answers to some questions, what is the question? Regarding the choice of the future, the left and right roads, the left road, and the left in space and time symbolize the past, just experienced, non-future, the road is a happy event and a funeral, Highlighting the meaning of family life, the old lady wearing a mourning clothes reflects a state of inanimate life. You don't want to live this kind of life, so you don't want to face it in your dreams, and you go back and choose the road on the right, the right, in time and space. Symbolizing the future, developing, on this road, you are separated from your classmates on the cart, which means that if you choose this road, this image with a certain intimacy will be affected, or in other words, this This kind of relationship will be affected, so there are obstacles that you do n’t want to face along this road. There are many people on both roads. They are crowded. They are expressing your feelings. You are saying that the path of life is hard and competition It ’s very fierce. It ’s hard to get a foothold or a place to live. A ghost like a zombie is the image you do n’t want to face. You worry that you will become rigid when you touch yourself in society. Force, just like this ghost, sitting on the bus, the image of mother is also a part of yourself in your heart, a more mature part, which can to some extent guide your ego, the ashes or coffin, and the front appears Unclean things, like ghosts, are things you do n’t want to face. Because you have to struggle in your life, you have to give up some of the original character elements, just like this part of yourself is dead. The mother's things were almost stolen, which meant that you felt like you were losing yourself.

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