Hi Master,

Since I went to Beijing Amusement Park with my colleagues last September, I have always dreamed of going there, dreaming of colleagues who have been with me, and dreaming of my classmates who have not been with me This dream has been done no less than ten times. I haven't dreamed of an amusement park in the past two months.

Recently I quit my job and dreamed at home every day. I didn't like the things I used to go to school , but I would dream of classmates. I didn't like my previous job, so I dreamed that my colleagues came to my house to play. After waking up, I felt very upset.

I don't like people who dream, or I don't want to mention the past.

One more thing, I often have a ghost press. I checked for sleep paralysis. After listening to some methods, the situation still appears. In the process, I was scared, but I did n’t sleep for a long time Passed.

I am 22 years old, female, and resigned at home.

( Dream Dictionary www.zGjm.org ) dream and said: amusement park is a paradise for children, you dream about it to say I miss you child when the child carefree. Work may be stressful. Sometimes, the more you want to hide, the less you want to see will appear in your dreams. Colleagues represent careers, and classmates study. Maybe you are not very satisfactory.

If you are afraid when you sleep, you may relax and listen to the soft music before going to bed.

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