What does it mean to dream of having many beautiful women by my side?

Dream analysis: "Death under the peony flower, and behave like a ghost!" This is the idea of ​​many people. Many men like beautiful women, but some men understand that beautiful women are for viewing and are not suitable for marrying home. In the dream, there are many beautiful women by your side, indicating that you are a very merciful person, remind the dreamer to pay attention to proportions.

Dreaming that there are many beautiful women by his side, a man who dreams of this kind of dream is born a passionate seed. In reality, what he hopes in his heart is that all beautiful women can have kindness and affection towards him, and they can conform to his aesthetics. 'S woman also hopes to be able to take it all into her arms, but for her confidant, it is the least stressful and the lowest cost.

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