I dreamed that I could easily drive the unit’s car in one place. When I was about to set off, I realized that the car was actually riding on a big pit with a cliff behind it. Later, a male colleague of the unit (the former old leader) moved the car. It seemed to be easy to drive out, and then a woman who didn't know drove the car out easily and down the hillside, driving the car safely on the road.

A car is a highly autonomous means of transportation. Usually , if the person driving in a dream is not you, it is someone you know. Driving a car is like driving the body by yourself, and the direction of the car means the direction of your life. Driving is a desire for freedom, and people in harsh environments usually have this dream.

When you are a driver in your dream, it means that you are the controller of your own direction;

If you ride in a car driven by someone else, it implies that you are not completely autonomous, but that you are influenced or restrained by other people or similar qualities in you and that person.

Dreaming of hitchhiking, sexual shadows appear, you will be tempted to eat forbidden fruit. The only way to avoid this situation is to break up with dangerous people around you.

If you drive smoothly, it means that your current fortune and physical condition are good, and you will be able to do some things you failed to do.

If you don't know how to drive in reality, you are at a loss when facing the car in the driver's seat. This is caused by nervous depression. It is recommended to choose a holiday and go hiking with a few close friends .

Dreaming of a racing car is auspicious, and you will be able to make a great career.

To dream of a poorly grasped steering wheel means that you cannot control yourself. See if you have any bad problems that cannot be corrected or reprinted from Dreamsmeaning Book http:///. Please keep the evil thoughts of the person who marked this.

Dreaming of something wrong with the car lights or windshield wipers means that you can’t see the direction. Maybe you should make good plans for your future.

To dream of running out of oil means that you lack energy and passion for work or life.

Dreaming of a burst tire is a metaphor for discouragement, and something that will disappoint you in the near future.

The car in your dream just won't start for some reason, so think about it, is it talking about your stubborn temper than a donkey?

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