The dream I had last night was a person holding a calendar. I turned my birthday to that page. It was a painting. The background is blue, the picture is of a woman with long hair, and the expression is unclear. Then the person told me that my previous life was one of the Greek goddess. I have done hypnosis in Liao Yuepeng's previous life, but I can't get in. When I was a kid, I repeatedly dreamed about the same dream. It was a person who led me through a dark tunnel and drank blood constantly. Please ask the master to help me see what I said above. Are there other people who told me? What does the previous life represent?

My situation: 22 years old, just graduated from college and lacked a sense of security since childhood. Parental disagreement is divorced. My interpersonal relationship is more extreme, and the relationship with boys can be easier, but the relationship with girls is not good. I am relatively introverted, and my heart is indeed extremely extreme. I often feel lonely, and my hobby is literature and music.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams Dream interpretation: The calendar can be understood as your subconscious display some information to you in the form of a calendar. The birthday page is related to life and indicates the state of existence and life. The background is blue. Blue means depression and depression. , Means that some elements of your personality are inhibited and not fully released. A woman with long hair, whose hair symbolizes emotion, and long hair, means that a person is rich in emotions and uses a large part of his psychological energy in his feelings. People in the past, past lives, can be understood as the state before birth. Here I express that I want to go back to the most beautiful state of the original period of life, and at the same time establish an ideal image of myself, the image of one of the Greek goddess, hope This is how you look. As for what it looks like, it is difficult to make judgments. You need to analyze it based on your association with the Greek goddess. When I was a child, I repeatedly dreamed and walked in a dark tunnel. Here is how you feel when you are born and before you leave your mother. You drink blood constantly, which means that you are drawing energy from your mother ’s body for your growth. .

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