What does it mean to dream of being buried alive

In my dream, I was caught by a group of unknown people. They threw me into a big hole dug in advance and said they would bury me alive. I struggled and yelled, but no one paid any attention to me. They still sprinkled soil on me without knowing it. Just as my breathing was getting weaker and weaker and I was about to die, somehow another group of people came to rescue me. (Male, 37 years old)

Dream analysis: Dreams imply that those who oppose you will use your mistakes to hit you hard, making you completely unable to resist. The dream of being buried alive and being rescued in time by others indicates that you can discover your serious mistakes in time and correct them for forgiveness; it also indicates that although you are in an extreme dilemma, you can turn the crisis into peace. The so-called "If you don't die in catastrophe, there must be a blessing." If you can reflect on your mistakes from time to time in real life, you will inevitably have a good ending.

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