Question: What does it mean to dream about dead people and ghosts?

Gender, female, age 20, unmarried (I was still the one who faced the choice. Yesterday my ex-boyfriend came to talk to me. Every sentence he said touched the pain in my heart. He really understands me. We talked for 6 years. When I was growing up, maybe even my parents did not know him about me. We were very sad. He asked me to go back again. I am considering that I really have too much resentment for my current boyfriend...)

I had a scary dream last night. There were a few girls who I didn’t know were together. I walked into a room. It was strange to see a girl with blood in her mouth. I called her quickly. I was very scared and called another one. People carried her out together, but it was still too late. Then the girl’s soul was always in this place as if looking for someone to replace her, (like a ghost in the office) and then another girl died. This girl looked like Big s, very scary, chasing us all the time, I kept running and running, and then I heard my cousin call me, "My sister’s scenery is so beautiful, take a few pictures as a memorial," I said I was walking too quickly, no Bring a camera, not a cell phone. . . . Then I met my ex-boyfriend. He took me home. In his dream, he and his mother lived in a remote place. The family was very beautiful. He said that the house he bought here was specially moved here for easy decoration. The house seemed to be The house was about to be handed over. Later I found out that the place where the accident happened had moved to this neighborhood. I quickly told him not to live here. It was very insecure and he didn’t understand it. He pointed out that there was a very clear one in front of me. , A very quiet pond, he said he had invited someone to see it, and the location was pretty good. . . Then I heard his mother calling us, saying that my parents were going to ask us to pick them up together. I was surprised that my parents were coming, so I didn't know why. . . Dreams are not too coherent, intermittent. . .

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation :

Ghosts in dreams represent negative emotions and thoughts of their own existence

The girls in the dream represent you in the past. The bleeding from the corner of your mouth refers to the combination of unpleasant and hurt memories of your past experiences.

The ghost looking for a substitute indicates that these memories are constantly trying to occupy your new life

The beautiful scenery represents the beautiful part of memory, these two contents are disturbing your peace of mind

When I arrived at the ex-boyfriend’s new home, I reflected that I wanted to reconcile with it again. The ghost followed and pointed out that even if you choose your ex-boyfriend, you still can’t get rid of the troubles.

Very clear and quiet pond, refers to peaceful and pure love, he promised to you

As for the content of his parents and your parents, it reflects that their parents will agree with him more.

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